How to distinguish the quality of foam fire extinguishing agent?

2020-03-19 09:30:15

All kinds of performance of Class A foam fire extinguishing agent are excellent. It is the ideal product for Class A fire extinguishing in China at present, and it is suitable for all types of Class A fires including rubber, coal, paper, building materials and so on. In the fire test of the produced Class A foam fire extinguishing agent, all fire performance indicators reached or exceeded the relevant national standards.

To distinguish the quality of foam fire extinguishing agents is very simple, just need to grasp the performance of foam fire extinguishing agents! For example, the environmental protection status of various types of foam extinguishing agents, foam stability, re-ignition resistance, storage convenience, foam liquid extinguishing agent extinguishing efficiency, etc. If these performance indicators are relatively good, then this foam agent must be a very Good fire extinguishing agent. Next, I will take Class A foam fire extinguishing agent as an example to tell you in detail what advantages a good foam fire extinguishing agent will have.


Environmental protection: Class A foam fire extinguishing agent is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable environmentally-friendly concentrated liquid, and it is also a new and efficient compressed air foam fire extinguishing agent on the market.

Foam stability: Class A foam fire extinguishing agent is full of foam, dense, durable, and has high moisture content. It can form a thick foam layer on vertical and various angle surfaces, even on the top surface of residential buildings. A layer of water film insulation is formed, the foam is stable and durable, and the water release is balanced.

Anti-recombustion ability: Class A foam fire extinguishing agent has good wetting and penetration properties, can penetrate deep into the gaps of solid combustion materials, extinguish smoldering flames, and completely extinguish fires without re-ignition. Foam Liquid Fire Extinguishing Agent

Convenience of storage: Class A foam fire extinguishing agent can be used in various types of equipment with compressed air systems, such as various types of Class A foam cars produced at home and abroad, at a ratio of 0.1-1%.

Fire extinguishing efficiency: Class A foam extinguishing agent has the advantages of fast fire control speed, high water efficiency in the fire field, stable foam, heat insulation and radiation protection, long wall hanging time, and significant anti-reburning effect, which can greatly reduce the flooding loss at the fire site.


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