What are the advantages of fire equipment radar life detectors?

2020-03-23 09:10:31

Radar life detector is a high-tech life-saving equipment developed by integrating micro-power ultra-wideband radar technology and biomedical engineering technology. Fire fighting equipment is divided into video life detectors, audio life detectors, and radar life detectors according to their functions: suitable for rescue of ruins caused by earthquakes, collapses, and building collapses, and suitable for fire protection, municipal, and mine rescue organizations. The Coast Guard, Customs, Border, Port, and Security personnel can detect whether there are stowaways on the mezzanine of the container.

Its working principle is based on the analysis of the time domain Doppler effect generated by the human body on the radar echo to determine whether there is a living body in the ruins and the specific position information of the living body.

Fire equipment radar life detectors are designed to address the fundamental shortcomings of existing lifesaving systems on the market today. Except that current life-saving systems cannot penetrate obstacles to detect movement, most systems, such as camera systems, have a very limited detection range and can only alarm when a moving distress enters the field of view of a camera lens or sensor. Audio-based detection systems are greatly limited by distance, obstacles, debris, and whether the victim is still strong and awake enough to make a sound.

The radar's life detector can detect the movement and breathing of the distress within a certain range within 30 seconds, and can penetrate obstacles (such as reinforced concrete brick walls, tar layers, mudslides and snow caused by avalanches) for detection , Not affected by sound and background noise. Supervision Security Systems' sensors can send signals containing target-specific information, making detection faster and more accurate, and making rescuers, security personnel, and military personnel involved in rescue operations more secure.


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