Anti-static Underwear (NY-FJD)

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  • category:Clothing
  • Product number:Anti-static Underwear (NY-FJD)
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  • Release date:2020-03-23 14:43:36
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This product is finely processed from anti-static fabric with spun stainless steel conductive fiber, and its anti-static performance is far better than post-treatment anti-static work clothes. After 100 times of continuous washing, its triboelectric charge density is ≤2μc / m2, and its technical performance is better than the triboelectric charge density ≤7μc / m2 required by the Japanese "Static Safety Guide". The product has soft and antistatic properties. Applicable to the inner protective equipment of the body when operating in combustible and explosive places such as combustible gas, dust and steam.


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