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The overall use of a double-slope design, staggered daylighting, simple form to adapt to the site environment of the commercial area. The left and right sides of the entrance are used as storage space for fire fighting equipment, which is convenient for firefighters to enter and exit quickly. The combination of vertical and horizontal grille and glass on the façade forms a high-tech style to cope with the modern urban environment. Features, there are fire signs in many places to make it more eye-catching in complex urban environments; indoors can be used for two people and equipped with daily sports and fitness space, the toilet layout meets natural lighting and ventilation, and can provide the life of the staff on duty.

Feature of Product:

1. Can be assembled and moved

● It has low requirements for site treatment, and can be repeatedly recombined according to different site conditions with a small footprint

● Dividable, removable and modular, easy and stable assembly;

● The assembled movable emergency fire protection facility is composed of multiple functional modules, which can be reorganized and expanded as required to meet different customer needs;

● Conforms to national "city fire station construction standards".

Short project cycle

● Not subject to cumbersome procedures such as approval and planning;

● Complete supporting facilities, which can be put into use quickly when completed;

● The production cycle is short, it can be constructed day and night without being affected by the weather, which can ensure the delivery time.

Third, security

● Structural safety: steel frame structure, windproof level IX, earthquake resistance level IX;

● Safety of interior materials: new composite materials, non-slip, durable, environmentally friendly, no odor, green materials.

Fourth, the function is complete and diverse

● Fire-fighting duty modules: functional modules such as garages and communication rooms;

● Life supporting modules: functional modules such as kitchen and dining room, physical training room, multi-functional conference room, firefighter standby room, and leisure reading;

● Intelligent fire protection: a smart APP is provided for customers' daily use;

● The appearance is iconic and recognizable, and it has the function of warning and promotion.

Five, energy saving and environmental protection

● Industrialized production, modular assembly, no impact on the construction site;

● Sound insulation: It adopts air insulation design, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation properties;

● The top solar panel ensures 24 hours of continuous power supply at the fire station;

● Modular, integrated and industrialized production, low carbon and environmental protection.

Six, intelligent

● Supporting smart APP with one-click alarm, personnel management, data collection and analysis (firefighters).

● Popularization of firefighting knowledge, self-rescue knowledge learning, major domestic and foreign events, and issuing various important notices to key fire prevention units (ordinary people) in the jurisdiction.


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