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The scheme should be set up in an urban environment. The shape is divided into two layers of skins. The first layer is a low-saturation red exterior wall, which is eye-catching and beautiful. The second layer is a perforated gold-aluminum plate, which is stylish and elegant. The multi-ridged roof is used for drainage, and at the same time it increases the layered sense . The second-floor office area is designed with glass walls and perforated panels, which are both transparent and protect privacy. The structure adopts a relatively regular steel structure, and the construction is convenient and fast. The overall hue is low in saturation and the shape is simple and light.

Feature of Product:

1. Can be assembled and moved

● It has low requirements for site treatment, and can be repeatedly recombined according to different site conditions with a small footprint

● Dividable, removable and modular, easy and stable assembly;

● The assembled movable emergency fire protection facility is composed of multiple functional modules, which can be reorganized and expanded as required to meet different customer needs;

● Conforms to national "city fire station construction standards".

Short project cycle

● Not subject to cumbersome procedures such as approval and planning;

● Complete supporting facilities, which can be put into use quickly when completed;

● The production cycle is short, it can be constructed day and night without being affected by the weather, which can ensure the delivery time.

Third, security

● Structural safety: steel frame structure, windproof level IX, earthquake resistance level IX;

● Safety of interior materials: new composite materials, non-slip, durable, environmentally friendly, no odor, green materials.

Fourth, the function is complete and diverse

● Fire-fighting duty modules: functional modules such as garages and communication rooms;

● Life supporting modules: functional modules such as kitchen and dining room, physical training room, multi-functional conference room, firefighter standby room, and leisure reading;

● Intelligent fire protection: a smart APP is provided for customers' daily use;

● The appearance is iconic and recognizable, and it has the function of warning and promotion.

Five, energy saving and environmental protection

● Industrialized production, modular assembly, no impact on the construction site;

● Sound insulation: It adopts air insulation design, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation properties;

● The top solar panel ensures 24 hours of continuous power supply at the fire station;

● Modular, integrated and industrialized production, low carbon and environmental protection.

Six, intelligent

● Supporting smart APP with one-click alarm, personnel management, data collection and analysis (firefighters).

● Popularization of firefighting knowledge, self-rescue knowledge learning, major domestic and foreign events, and issuing various important notices to key fire prevention units (ordinary people) in the jurisdiction.


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