Semi-sealed Light Chemical Protective Clothing

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This product is made with reference to GA770-2008 "Fireman Chemical Protective Clothing" standard. Consisting of non-slip gloves and chemical-resistant boots, it has excellent performance and light wearing. It is a light chemical-resistant suit used by firefighters at the scene of weak acid and alkali chemical accidents. It is suitable for the whole body protection of dilute acid-base chemicals accident scene operation. With light weight, heat aging, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and other properties. Please use it with a gas mask at the scene of the accident.

Fabric performance:

Thickness: 0.68mm;

Tensile strength: 15kN / m in the radial direction and 10kN / m in the weft direction;

Tearing strength: radial ≥60N, zonal ≥50N;

The fabric has flame retardancy and flame burning time: radial ≤10s, weft ≤10s;

Flameless burning time: radial ≤6s, zonal ≤6s;

Damage length: radial ≤10cm, zonal ≤10cm;

Heat aging, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Rubber boots performance:

Puncture resistance of the sole: puncture force ≥1000N; electrical insulation performance: breakdown voltage ≥5000V; acid and alkali resistance: impermeability; slip resistance: starting angle ≥15 °

Overall performance:

Water resistance; impermeable; full set of weight ≤7.0kg


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