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Pressure reducing valve

▲ The pressure reducing valve decompresses the air in the cylinder to about 0.7MPa, and is locked by the locking structure after the output pressure is set;

▲ Relief valve output is designed with safety valve to prevent high pressure air from flowing into the valve when it fails.

Medium voltage system

▲ When the pressure in the cylinder is as low as 5.5 ± 0.5MPa, the alarm whistle will be sounded. The whistle is a continuous sound. It is measured that the sound level exceeds 90dB within a distance of 1m. Air volume ≤ 3L / min.

Composite carbon fiber cylinder

▲ Full-wound carbon fiber composite gas cylinder, integral aluminum alloy liner, anti-corrosion and impact resistance;

▲ Working pressure is 30MPa; hydraulic test pressure is 50MPa; burst pressure is greater than 102MPa;

▲ Cylinder valve is available with or without pressure gauge;

▲ Cylinder bottle valve pressure display gauge is convenient for checking the cylinder pressure at any time, and it can also calibrate the chest pressure gauge.

Other rescue module (three links)

▲ Modular design, can be connected quickly when needed;

▲ Quick connect interface, one second link;

▲ 2 breathing masks can be connected to provide rescue function.


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