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LT-S1600 Multi-rotor UAV for Industrial Applications

The fuselage is made of imported carbon fiber integrated mold, which has the function of fireproof, rainproof and dustproof, which is ahead of other multi-axis products in the domestic market. The whole machine has anti-electromagnetic interference design and strong adaptability. And maintenance; lightweight fuselage and mission load design; high-efficiency power system; standard 6S22000MHA super-capacity battery flight time of more than 70 minutes; accurate hovering, uniform cruise, route planning, etc .; perfect aerodynamics Designed with super wind resistance; low voltage automatic protection function; signal loss protection function; thermal imaging system can be added to penetrate the smoke to find the fire point and its survivors; a megaphone system can be added as a high-altitude command platform; Visual images can be added and stored in the transmission system, real-time grasp of the situation on the scene, leaving panoramic data for disaster assessment; an emergency item throwing system can be added to provide strong security for survival in danger.

Remote control system

1. Super bright OLED display ≥10 ″, can receive real-time video of video aircraft;

2.It has all the control functions to control the on-board gimbal.

3. The ground station can receive and display important aircraft telemetry data in real time, so that the operator can get out of the ground station and grasp the air condition of the aircraft in real time;

4. Multiple emergency protection design for remote control: runaway return, low battery alarm, low battery return, low battery landing, with one-button automatic takeoff, one-button automatic landing, and one-button return;

5. Anti-interference performance of remote control: adopt digital encryption technology to prevent co-channel interference;

6. With AVHDMI output interface, it can output video information in real time;

7. The ground station uses a military-grade three-defense PC as the main body and is equipped with a military-grade three-defense protective box that can receive, display, store video and the real-time flight trajectory of the aircraft;

8, with HDMI output 1080P high-definition video. It can replace the remote control and realize all the functions of the remote control.

9. It can receive and display various flight data of the aircraft in real time, including battery voltage, coordinates, altitude, direction, attitude, flight speed, flight path, GPS status and other important information. Flight data will be automatically saved on the tablet (or mobile phone) for data analysis after the flight. Even in the manual remote control flight mode, as long as the system downloads the current flight area map in advance, the system can display the aircraft's position on the map in real time.

Product Application

The product can be installed on a drone and carried with you. When a secret investigation or evidence is needed, the staff will reach the front and use a pinhole camera to capture the scene. Then the close-up transmitter will transfer the image to the command vehicle. The images returned by the front end are processed quickly, and the front end images can be transmitted back to the command center.

Military industry and image transmission technology

1. The automatic tracking antenna can automatically lock the position of the drone, and the image transmission distance is ≥10KM

2. Wireless image transmission: COFDM

3. Picture transmission transmitter power: 1000mw

4. Video transmission interface: AV, HDMI

5. Video transmission delay: ≤500ms

6. Video transmission resolution ≥1920 * 1080P @ 60/50/30/25, backward compatible with 720P @ 60/50

7. Video transmission channel rate: ≥8 ~ 12Mbps

8, technical standards: in line with H.264 technical standards

9. Working temperature: -20 ° ~ + 95 °

10. Modulation mode: COFDM 2k mode

11. Receiving sensitivity: -104dbm

12. Encryption method: AES / AES2 / DES / DES2 (optional)

13. Output interface: HDMI / Ypbp / AV / USB (storage device recording)


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