Protective Clothing (BHF)

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Fire protection clothing is a type of protective clothing that firefighters wear when crossing a flame zone for a short period of time.

The fire protection clothing produced by our company adopts hot pressing technology, which has the properties of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, and water resistance. Composed of seven layers of fireproof, waterproof, flame retardant and other materials, the main materials are oxidation resistant strong fireproof outer layer, aluminum foil heat radiation layer, fireproof cotton layer, high density waterproof and breathable layer, pure cotton fireproof and heat insulation layer, cotton Anti-static comfort layer of fine yarn, flame retardant layer. Components: tops, bib pants, fire gloves, fire boots, wide-view UV-resistant hood, airbag rucksack You can wear an air respirator in a fire protection suit. Upper and lower split specifications with flame retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, water resistance and other properties. At a temperature of 1150 ° C, the surface temperature rise of 30S does not exceed 13 ° C. Weight: ≤11.2kg; the fabric will not penetrate when exposed to boiling water at 100 ℃.


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